Empower Pain Relief with Nobel Prize Awarded Red Light Therapy!

Sciatica 2019 survival kit
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Technology is based on R&D awarded with 2 Nobel Prizes

Red light biostimulation of tissue, blood and nerves activates inflammation healing and manages sciatica pain

Nobel Prize medal: red light therapy research was awarded

Palatable choice: Red Light Therapy Device

Bought in Feb 2020   878 ct 

Reasons to BUY:

  • Quick and highly effective anti-inflammatory and pain relieve for sciatica based on light biostimulation;

  • FDA cleared medical device for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm; relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue and to temporarily increase local blood circulation where applied;

  • Utilizes NASA's developed technology;

  • Proved healing wavelength of 660 nm, deeper penetration and shorter procedure because of super bright red light LED;

  • New Medical Grade Power in Red Light Therapy - for home use, self-administered and without a prescription; 

  • Simple convenient device with highly durable LED;

  • No side-effects or addiction;

  • Assembled in USA under CalTech engineer supervision; 

  • Widely and effectively used for treatment worldwide in over 65 countries;

  • High demand;

  • High number of positive reviews.

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Red Led Light Therapy Device - TENDLITE® Advanced Pain Relief FDA Cleared Joint & Muscle Reliever MEDICAL GRADE

Man treted sciatica with red light

"Bright red light affectionately touched my body, I felt warm inside - and no longer  pain in the lower back!"

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Red light therapy

Use of the red light LED therapy leads to significant improvement: the pain syndrome, swelling, inflammation go away, the amplitude of the flexion-extension of the spine increases, the further development of the disease is prevented - over the world, millions sufferers with various medical conditions, and specifically with sciatica symptoms, were successfully treated.

Light therapy is a wonderful medical technology based on both ancient practices of heliotherapy and advanced achievements of 20th century. Initial scientific research of light therapy was awarded with Nobel Prize in 1903. Significant development of this technology was caused by invention of lasers, especially He-Ne laser emitting red light and later semiconductor lasers. By the end of the 20th century, low intensive laser therapy already became a standard medical technique and started its widely use by physicians in many European and Asian countries. Development of LEDs, specifically super bright red ones (which was awarded with Nobel Prize in 2000) brought new opportunity for the light therapy – allowed develop simple small devices everybody can use.

Because of requirements for more extensive research in United States, here the red light therapy is just starting to be widely recognized. Eventually some use of red light therapy was recently FDA-cleared.


High efficacy of the red light LED therapy and simple use of modern devices allows reach amazing results in fast relief of sciatica pain even when it is self-used at home.

Red light biostimulation causes anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, analgesic effects, improvement of local blood circulation in human body. It gives a powerful regenerative stimulus, penetrates into the tissues and assists directly in the pathology zone, stops the destructive processes and triggers restorative mechanisms. In addition, light therapy eliminates side effects of drugs, enhances their effectiveness. Red light treatment improves blood circulation, lymph drainage, reduces the viscosity of blood, which contributes to the entry of oxygen into the tissue, and normalizes metabolic processes. This therapeutic method promotes the regeneration (repair) of the spinal tissues due to the stimulation of metabolic-related processes, facilitates the restoration of intervertebral disc tissues, and also restores muscle - ligamentous apparatus of the spine.

In spite of amazing therapeutic effect provided with use of red light therapy, for many people it is not easy to accept this new technology. From this point, one of the important things is whether new device was  FDA cleared - this eliminates possible doubts about safety, quality and effectiveness and makes the device undeniable leader on the current market.