Get Rid of Sciatica Pain with Painless Prickly Mats Acupressure!

Sciatica 2019 survival kit
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Needles almost painlessly and with no hurt press skin points to activate organs functioning and blood circulation providing inflammation healing and pain relief

Palatable choice: Acupressure Mats

Bought in Feb 2020   68 ct 

Reasons to BUY:

  • Effective fast and deep healing of pain and inflammation as a result of mechanical, reflex and galvanic action;

  • All sciatic pain areas (low back, buttocks, hip) are affected simultaneously;

  • Weak electric currents between needles made of different metals (zinc, copper, iron, nickel, silver) empower skin stimulation;

  • Painless procedure due to the pad made of soft pliable medical rubber. faceted needles, and optimized distance between needles; 

  • Easy to use;

  • More effective and comfortable than mats with plastic needles;

  • Widely used worldwide, helped to many thousands of people; 

  • New on US market, but already there are many positive reviews.

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LYAPKO Acupuncture Mat Big Pad 7.0 Ag 2710 Needles. Unique Massager Active Applicator for the Relief of Pain & Stress. Premium Acupressure Patented Therapy Massage Tool

Nayoya Back and Neck Pain Relief - Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set - Relieves Stress, Back, Neck, and Sciatic Pain - Comes with a Vinyl Carry Bag for Storage and Travel 

Reasons to BUY:

  • Effective fast and deep healing of pain and inflammation as a result of mechanical and reflex action;

  • Extremely relaxing, alleviates sciatica syndromes;

  • Along with pain relief, you can enjoy a better night’s sleep, stress relief, improved circulation, muscle relaxation and a greater sense of calm in your everyday life.

  • Convenient and comfortable due to set of mat and pillow shipped;

  • Portability: the mat is lightweight, it can be rolled into a travel-friendly tube to pack into suitcase or gym bag for convenience

  • High demand;

  • Thousands positive reviews.

Bought in Feb 2020    2,203 ct 
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"Never have time to visit acupuncturist - these needles work  even better and I can use my mat everywhere!" 

Smiling Man - likes to use acupressure mat for pain relief

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Bought in Feb 2020   13,096 ct                                               66 ct                                         321 ct 
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Acupressure mats (applicators) with prickly needles

Use of needles normalizes metabolism, the circulatory system functioning, accelerates the regenerative processes in the body, causes muscles relaxation, reduces pain in the muscles and spine. A course of treatment reduces inflammation, relieves pain, restores mobility. Complex treatment with the needles  acupressure provides an opportunity to get a significant relief of the sciatica pain and return the patient to a normal life. Use of mats is very relaxing, helps to get healthy sleep.

Modern invention  based on old Eastern techniques, it is widely and very effectively used for relieve of sciatica pain as well as for treatment of other conditions. 

Needle ends affect the nerve nodes and endings in certain parts of the body. This effect resembles acupressure or acupuncture.

There is a large number of nerve points, connected with each other and with specific organs. When the needles act on the points, it causes an activation of the various internal systems.

Additional activation of organs and the organism as a whole is achieved by the blood flow increase where the needles are pressed.  

As a result, the pain relief is caused by the increased production of endorphins by the pituitary gland, so the tactile sensitivity is reduced. When metal needles are used, an additional galvanic effect causes a weak electric current in skin between metal needles which effectively heals inflammation and edema.

The base of applicators is made of medical rubber or plastic and covered with whole rows of needles, which may be made of plastic or include an alloy of iron, chromium, nickel, aluminum, zinc and copper. Because of distribution of the body weight among multiple needles, these scary looking needles do not spoil the skin, do not pierce it, so this method of treatment excludes the entry of any infectious diseases into the blood.

There is a variety of applicators sizes, with either plastic or metal needles available for sciatica pain treatment.

Ironically more effective mats with metal needles are less popular than models with plastic ones - while millions of happy people over the world use this wonderful method for many years, these applicators are relatively new for United States and for most newbies plastic needles look more palatable yet.